London trip

An early trip on the train to see Nu by staff a new brand we found in January and will be stocking in store within the next couple of weeks. We were surprised to see the collection was light and summery as the winter collection was black and grey. The pallet has warm grey shades of pink, white, light grey blue and green. Crinkles, cut outs and embellishments shows through in this collection. It’s such a versatile collection that will work well in store with our other brands.


Grey cut out tunic


Paint print


Beautiful embellishment

Elements Clemente was next on our appointments and we really liked the light linen feel to this collection and the nautical colour pallet. We have ordered some great occasion outfits that will work really well in the summer. As this appointment was at liberty house we couldn’t resist a look around liberty’s once we had finished.

We had a couple of hours to spare before our train home so we found this lovely little Thai restaurant just behind liberty’s

photo 2

My mother in laws birthday present

photo 1


Rundholz and Annette Gortz fashion show in Düsseldorf

After a much need good nights sleep and a hearty breakfast we headed straight over to the Rundholz show room we received a lovely warm greeting and then headed straight down the stairs to the black label collection, what can we say we really were amazed with this collection, Mr Rundholz gets more creative with every season, the colour pallet works so well shades of grey with a pale green and a warm grey sand colour. There was lots of lazer cut flowers and flower prints mixed with checked prints, sheer over lays that work beautifully and softens the Look.


Beautiful laser cut flower jacket


Beautiful hand painted floral prints

He has also used stretchy denim patched with soft denim and knits that all work so well together. We spent half the day down in black label, then headed up to the dip and main collection, both looking wonderful this season. Sheer face prints, mesh and leather for main collection, where the dip is heavily printed with painted blocks and brush marks and has lighter summery shades, after a full day in the Rundholz show room we headed back to the hotel for a freshen up before heading to the Annette gortz fashion show.


Denim is a massive trend for next summer.

photo 2

Rundholz dip jacket with a painted block print

photo 3

I am loving Keely in this main collection mesh hat

We were not to sure were we heading in the taxi but finally we arrived at our destination the Annette gortz fashion show. We gave our names at the doors and was handed our tickets, we walked straight past the celebrities having there photos taken and headed to the champagne bar for a small bottle of bubbly. The buzz was electric and we had never seen so many people all dresses in Annette gortz in one place.


Keely in her striped Annette Gortz dress


I was wearing my spotty Rundholz outfit

It was soon time for the fashion show and we had good seats just behind the VIPs. The collection was fantastic, colourful stripes, spotty cut outs, beautiful soft prints, and warm green really is a key colour this season. the collection looks fantastic on the catwalk and the models all looked amazing. At the end Annette Gortz came out to a rapturous applause.


Annette Gortz Spots


Beautiful prints


Annette gortz fashion show





A Busy first day at the Gallery in Düsseldorf

We have just come back from an amazing buying trip in Düsseldorf, we flew from Norwich this time which made the journey really easy and stayed in the Maritim hotel at the airport.

We arrived mid day on Friday and headed straight to the gallery we had a busy afternoon buying for next season, we started with Xenia and we loved the collection it was really colourful for spring there was lots of pale blues, lilacs and grey mixed with the black and bright green all really wearable shades, lots of asymmetric designs mixed with spots, cubes and floral patterns in black and white.

photo 3-2

Xenia Jacket

photo 4

Cube pattern Xenia trousers

We were really pleased with finding link in January and the collection has just arrived in store, the summer collection was marvellous too, lots of Jersey black and white stripes as well as soft linen harems and shirts. Black and white is the main shades in this collection with some blue tie dyed pieces. The jewellery from this collection was  really amazing chunky spheres which have been treated to make make each one unique in colour.


Link linen outfit

Next we headed to Moyuru there were lots of prints and subtle colours, prints included spots and paint brush marks. The collection is really wearable and this season has it includes beautiful hand painted scarves.


graphic prints from Moyuru


Moyuru Spots


Keely at the Moyuru stand

Looking around at the gallery the trends for next season are laser cut spots, curves and flowers, lots of mesh and transparent layering, with a mix of bright and subtle colours and painted on prints.

photo 1

Transparent layering from Xenia

Once we we got back to the hotel we enjoyed a lovely meal in the restaurant and a few drinks in the hotel restaurant before heading to bed as we had a busy day at Rundholz and Annette gortz the following day.


Keely had scallops


Here is my beautiful Lamb dish.