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We are two young women Keely and Sandie who work in the heart of Norwich in a fashion Store ‘Walkers’.

We decided to start this blog to give you an insight in to our daily lives within the fashion industry. We both have varied job titles to our name, including fashion stylist, fashion buyer, and sales advisor. We will be giving you an inside look in to our journeys when we go buying, looking for new designers and labels to stock in Walkers. We love to offer advice on how to create a wearable wardrobe which lasts much longer than high street trends and will offer you a more sustainable fashion. We will share with you our individual style and give you styling ideas and tips. 

Most trends in fashion are created by the fashion trend forecasters, who predict the future fashions for designers. These key trends get picked up by fashion editors and celebrities who encourage them on to the mass market. Here at Walkers while we are conscious of the current trends, we don’t go looking for the fashion designers who has kept within those trends, because we have no boundaries or limits to which we have to abide by. When we go buying for the next season we strive to find the most cutting edge unique designs which can express our customer’s individuality and unique style.

A little bit about Sandie, when I was eighteen I went to study a Textile design degree at Derby University. I had a passion for fashion prints and creative fabrics. After completing at 21 I spent the next year travelling and working around Australia. Upon my return I gained employment in Fashion Retail, starting in an independent wedding dress boutique, then on to managing an American designer brand within House of Fraser. In March 2012 I started at Walkers, I love working for Anne as I get to express my individuality at work, which is rare for the fashion industry as often when you work for designers or brands they want you to fit in with their brand image. Here at Walkers we can all express our own style, my style is based on layering and I like to mix and match all my items in my wardrobe. I love German designers and my favourite is Rundholz, I am usually a size 10, and I am not the most colourful dresser but love creative asymmetric designs.

 I married my husband Sam last May and went on a wonderful honeymoon to Thailand, I do love travelling, and being able to travel as part of my work when buying is fantastic. I am very excited about being able to start this blog as when I was thinking about a career in fashion retail I would have loved to have gained an insight in to the amazing world of fashion. I hope when you read this blog it will give you inspiration with your own style.  

A little bit about Keely, I have been working in fashion retail for the past 10 years since studying for my degree in Textile design at the University of Derby. I have been working for Walkers for the past two years. Previously I have worked for various well know high street fashion stores as well as independent boutiques. I have been fortunate enough to have had some amazing opportunities to work my way up the retail ladder from shop floor assistant at TKMaxx to buying in Germany and Paris with my current Job at Walkers.

I have always loved fas6G5A0479hion and art from an early age. I would say my love for fashion has been greatly influenced by my mum who would let me take days off school to go clothes shopping with her. My mums tutoring about fashion has been more beneficial to my career than sitting in the class room.

Me and Sandie met at College in 1999 studying Art and Design at the age of sixteen, then we both went to Derby University together to study Textile Design. Our Style has changed dramatically over the years since our Art student days.

My style today I would describe as architectural as I like unusual cuts and dramatic shapes. My favourite designers include Issey Miyake and Vivienne Westwood. I also like to collect designer vintage shoes and bags, I like to mix these up with my architectural and futuristic pieces from Xenia Design my favourite designer at Walkers.

Apart from fashion and Art my second passion is keeping fit I am a regular gym goer and love Spin classes, this I hope cancels out my daily chocolate habit.

Back to fashion I am always on the look out for the unusual and amazing when we go buying. I am looking forward to sharing with you our findings on our travels, our style and generally anything fashion related which is too good to be kept a secret.

 ‘Walkers’ was set up by our boss Anne in 1990. Anne’s European travels, particularly Germany, proved that there were some amazingly creative designers, dressing woman in an extraordinary stylish way…. and this somewhat artistic styling seemed not to be present in the UK at the time.
Raised eyebrows from the established retailers and fashion writers proved Anne had touched a nerve, and buying from instinct rather than format, meant Walkers could experiment. It seemed that the crazier styles flew out the door, and the ‘safer’ choices hardly moved. So Walkers ethos was formed.

Anne set up the internet website in 2004, intrepidly dipping her toes into unknown waters. Anne was not certain that there would be a customer wanting to buy, without her stepping into the shop to go through the ‘trying on’ stage and browsing through lots of rails. But to her delight, there are ladies worldwide, who know what they want, and who get straight onto the website and order away quite happily.

We hope you enjoy Reading our Blog, Love Sandie and Keely.

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