Lisa Tucci – Remarkable shoes

We spent Tuesday afternoon admiring and drooling over next Seasons Lisa Tucci collection. If you haven’t come across these shoes before they are amazingly creative, well made, good quality Italian leather and the designs are stunning.

When Anne first opened walkers back in the 1990’s she sold Lisa Tucci shoes, and over the past 24 years she has concentrated more on ladies clothing, but shoes were always her first passion.

Last year we had a visit from Alexander the son of the founder of Lisa Tucci and he brought along with him his new designs, we bought loads of creative styles in bold exciting colours which have now arrived for spring summer. The styles are colourful and bright, and works really well with this seasons colours. The fit is so comfortable and well designed, we have found our customer so far have been really pleased with them.

Alex our photographer came in this week and took some lovely photo’s of us around the Norwich lanes, here are a few that show off the fabulous shoes…. view Alex’s website at

Spotty Rundholz Outfit with Red patent leather shoes
Spotty Rundholz Outfit with Red patent leather shoes


I love these shoes bright Green in patent leather.


Red leather sandals look great with this navy Rundholz Dress, perfect for summer.


lt-alcatraz-outside-large lt-shoe-grey-outside-large

To view the full range of styles we stock please visit

We have not been disappointed with next seasons collection, We have selected a variety of boots from knee high to ankle boots, the designs have creative shaped heels including a new shape for A/W  and a  colourful mix of leathers, from black, grey, red, blue and green. There is a variety of colourful heels and soles to match any outfit.

lc3 lc6Keely couldn’t resist a pair of the knee high boots, she had been searching all last winter for the perfect  boots and she was so pleased to finally find the pair she has been missing, they fit perfectly around Keely’s leg with no bagginess which is something she finds hard to find. They have the amazing new designed heel and slightly thicker sole.

There are so many great style I couldn’t resist a few pairs for myself too, amazing flat black and cream ankle boots for every day, and a pair of grey calf boots which is a colour I have been trying to search out as it’s such a wearable colour to go with all the black and neutral in my wardrobe but will also work with any colour I have too.


The great everyday boot which I have chosen, works so well with this seasons, and next seasons colours.

We are the only UK on line retailer so we have a really good selection to choose from.  If you like what you see you can like there facebook page at …

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